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Welding cutter

We UKO produce solid carbide welded cutting tools series, including Angle Milling Cutter with Shank、Angle Milling Cutter、Face Milling Cutter、Carbide Helical End Mills、Chamfering with Shank、Carbide Machine Reamers、Carbide Side Milling Cutter、Side Milling Cutter / Staggered Teeth、Carbide T-Slot Milling Cutters、T-Slot Milling Cutters / Staggered Teeth and Radius Milling Cutter.

Carbide circular blades

UKO tungsten carbide circular blades are mainly used to slitting processing of other materials , like papers, aluminum & platinum, thick pieces and etc.

Carbide indexable inserts

UKO tungsten carbide indexable inserts with sharp cutting edge can reduce the vibration of machining process, which is beneficial to the insert surface with low roughness.

Cermet Indexable Insert

Cermets, especially Ti(C,N)-based cermet tools, exhibit high chemical stability against the material being processed, resulting in the weakness of processing friction and the decrease of contact temperature, thus effectively preventing the interdiffusion of atoms between the tool and the work piece material and significantly improving the anti-adhesion wear performance.

Carbide reversible knives

Woodworking tools carbide reversible knives,indexable knives suitable for different cutting heads and spiral planning cutter.

Circular tungsten carbide tire blades

HIP sintered, tungsten carbide plate with even density

Special blade and cutters

Customization as drawing or samples is welcome.

Tungsten carbide woodworking tools

Tungsten carbide wood cutter, precision woodworking blade, paint scraper, multi-driller, hinge drill.
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