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Carbide wire drawing dies

UKO supply various of tungsten carbide dies as a cost effective solution for wire drawing solution.

Carbide nail cutters & dies

Tools for nail making machine are: Gripper dies、Cutter dies、Header dies、Thread rolling dies

Carbide heading dies

Tungsten carbide cold heading dies have high strength, high hardnessand good fatigue resistance.

PCD Wire Drawing Dies

The PCD dies for traditional galvanized iron wire produced by our company could change the polishing technology according to different drawing machine.

Carbide wire guide dies

Customized Carbide wire guides made to customer specification

Wire Drawing Lubricant Powder

Wire drawing powder, also wire drawing lubricant powder, is usually divided into calcium-based and nano-based.

Carbide coating dies

Tungsten Carbide (TC )Coating Dies it is also know as TC Extrusion Dies.
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