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UKO Wire Drawing Lubricant Powder

UKO Wire Drawing Lubricant Powder

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UKO wire drawing powder plays an important role as a lubricant in the process of cold wire drawing which reduces friction & energy consumption and prolongs the service life of the wire drawing die. A lubricating film is formed on the surface of the steel wire in the process of wire drawing which protects the chemical property of the steel wire.


Various wire manufactures have their own respective wire drawing methods, examples like ‘water cooling’, ‘air cooling’, ‘straight-in’ or ‘pulley drawing’ ways of wire drawing. How we select the correct lubricant powder depends independently on the quality of wire drawing dies, the material of the drawn wire and the quality of the finished wire. Therefore, sometimes we need 2 to 3 types of drawing powder in the circumstances of mixture powders or independent powders for a successful wire drawing process.