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UKO: How To Make Tungsten Carbide Rollers?

UKO: How To Make Tungsten Carbide Rollers?

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UKO: How To Make Tungsten Carbide Rollers?


UKO is a professional company specializing in the production of tungsten carbide cold rollers of all types (PR, FO, CA/RT/RO) for more than 16 years.


carbide roller PR/FO type


How is a UKO Tungsten Carbide roller made? There are 4 main production process:


1. Choose the best raw material. Ensure 100% virgin. Make strictly inspection on the material (C% and other chemical elements analysis) before production.


2. Inspection during production. Make every step of production traceable, like inspection the mixed material (WC powder mixed with Co powder ); inspection after sintered (Hardness, density, TRS...). Each index should be strictly controlled.


3. Grinding ,ribbing with size/logo marking as per customer require. (click here to watch the video)


4. Inspection before packing. Make every piece of tungsten carbide rolls is in good condition with high quality.



P.S. UKO also provide tungsten carbide roller repairing ( regrinding ) service.