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Lubrication In Metal Drawing

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Lubrication In Metal Drawing

Lubrication is an important factor when manufacturing by metal drawing, its application can help control the forces and metal flow. Lubrication will also extend the life of the mold, reduce temperature and improve surface finish. Different soaps and oils may be used as lubricants. With difficult to draw metals, polymers or soft materials may also be used as lubricants. There are two basic methods of applying lubrication often employed in metal drawing manufacture. 

Wet Drawing In wet drawing the dies and the work are completely submersed in lubrication. Lubricant in this case is typically some kind of oil containing chemical additives. 

Dry Drawing Dry drawing applies lubrication to the material by use of a stuffing box. The stuffing box is located in front of the mold and contains lubricant. In this case, it may be some kind of soap. Work passes through the box and picks up lubrication before entering the mold.

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