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How to Make Diamond Grinding Wheel with Tungsten particles

How to Make Diamond Grinding Wheel with Tungsten particles

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Diamond grinding wheels are broadly utilized in the effective handling of low iron substance metals and hard and fragile materials, for example, established carbides, high alumina pottery, optical glass, agate diamonds, semiconductor materials and stone materials.


The melting point of tungsten is 3410 ℃. The sintering temperature of tungsten as a metal bond is a lot higher than that of diamond. It is anything but difficult to prompt graphitization of diamond particles. In this way, how to break the issue of high sintering temperature of bond will open another entryway for the assembling innovation of diamond granulating wheel. A few scientists consider including uncommon earth.

The diamond powder is completely blended with uncommon earth adjusted tungsten-based cover. The uncommon earth changed tungsten-based folio contains the accompanying segments: tungsten 40-75 phr, nickel 2-6 phr, iron 2-5 phr, tin 8-30 phr, copper 7-20 phr, manganese 0.4-1 phr, uncommon earth lanthanum 0.1-1 phr.


1.According to the state of the diamond sand tire body, the blend was cold-squeezed by the comparing bite the dust and after that sintered by vacuum hot squeezing. The sintering temperature was 900-960 ℃, the sintering weight was 140-200 KN, and the sintering time was 25-35 minutes.


2.After vacuum hot squeezing sintering, the diamond sand tire body was gotten by hot isostatic squeezing sintering, sintering temperature 840-900 ℃, sintering weight 80-120 MPa and sintering time 5-10 minutes.


3.The diamond crushing wheel is gotten by joining the jewel tire body to the pounding wheel base.


Because of the expansion of lanthanum, uncommon earth and tungsten parts supplement one another. The sintering temperature is diminished from almost 4,000 degrees Celsius to the adequate scope of diamond. The weaknesses of tungsten-based cover which is hard to be connected by and by because of the high sintering temperature are understood. The production of tungsten-based diamond crushing wheel is effectively figured it out. The substance metallurgical holding power delivered by the response among tungsten and diamond is used to improve the jewel quality. The grasp power of precious stone particles on Diamond tire body prompts high hardness and wear opposition of jewel pounding wheel, which opens up another circumstance for the production of elite jewel crushing wheel.