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Dong Mingzhu's Suggestions on Tungsten at NPC Speech

Dong Mingzhu's Suggestions on Tungsten at NPC Speech

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Dong Mingzhu, representative to the National People's Congress and director of Gree Electrical Appliances, presented the Suggestions on Enhancing the Research and Development of Basic Materials at the current year's NPC and NPC sessions, proposing that the State increment the innovative work of essential materials, for example, top of the line wafers, top of the line tungsten items, engineered ester refrigerant oil and ecological refrigerants. For what reason does Dong Mingzhu notice top of the line tungsten items in the proposition?


Dong Mingzhu said in her proposition: "Behind a nation's solid intensity, modern help is imperative. Through the unremitting endeavors of ages of Chinese individuals, the general size of China's industry has been extending, and its quality has likewise been essentially improved, however the attributes of huge yet not solid are as yet conspicuous. The reason is that the essential business level is frail, and the more fundamental it is, the more extensive the hole with the main dimension abroad. Some key essential materials, for example, top of the line wafers, top of the line tungsten items, manufactured ester refrigerant oil, ecological refrigerants, and so on., ought not act naturally delivered, depend vigorously on imports, get through patent hindrances, and pay a great deal of patent expenses.

Tungsten is a high liquefying point uncommon metal or hard-headed uncommon metal in the field of metallurgy and metal materials. It is a significant vital save asset of the nation. Tungsten is a standout amongst the most significant useful materials in present day industry, national protection and cutting edge applications. Tungsten is the most significant crude material for assembling established carbides. Tungsten carbide is otherwise called "mechanical teeth". Tungsten carbide cutters and other tungsten items are required in cooling, car producing, canny robot fabricating and different enterprises occupied with by Dong Mingzhu.


As we as a whole know, China's tungsten saves add up to 1.9 million tons, representing over 60% of the world's aggregate. In the meantime, China is additionally the world's driving maker of tungsten. In 2017, China's tungsten mineral yield achieved 93,000 tons of metal, which has outright asset points of interest on the planet. In any case, we need to lament that, with the benefits of crude materials, China's tungsten items industry is vast yet not solid, and the general circumstance of China's tungsten items exchange is still in shortage.


Taking tungsten carbide for instance, China's tungsten carbide generation represents 60% of the world's aggregate. There are more than 160 tungsten carbide manufacturing plants in China. The yield positions first on the planet, yet the innovation is second and third on the planet. Most endeavors are as yet stuck in the field of low-final results, minimal effort horrible challenge, human flesh consumption. The field of top of the line tungsten carbide items is as yet involved by huge remote ventures, for example, Sweden, Germany, the United States, Israel, etc. They can sell blades of crude materials for several yuan to a great many yuan. Swedish Sandvik's yearly offers of cutting apparatuses are around 30 billion US dollars, while China's yearly fares of tungsten essential and transitional items (barring tungsten carbide cutting devices) are just around 1 billion US dollars. Obviously, the device business has had such a difference, that the net benefit of China's tungsten carbide apparatus industry all in all is not as much as that of Sweden's Sandvik's innovative work reserves.

An ever increasing number of individuals of understanding understand that China's tungsten has not yet mirrored its esteem. In this manner, Dong Mingzhu's proposal on expanding the R&D of top of the line tungsten items and other essential materials referenced in the two sessions is likewise the voice of the vast majority. "China's top of the line tungsten items are as yet reliant on imports," she said. As indicated by insights, China sends out tungsten crude materials and semi-completed items about US$1 billion every year, except just in the field of tungsten steel devices, China devours almost US$2 billion every year, surpassing the aggregate sum of crude materials for tungsten items sent out by China. In the event that we include mining devices, building instruments, electronic items, etc, our Tungsten item chain loses billions of dollars consistently.


The change and redesigning of the business all in all additionally needs the updating of tungsten products industry. Along these lines, Dong Mingzhu proposed that the state should set up extraordinary research establishments for the innovative work of key fundamental materials, completely assemble logical research foundations, colleges and industry specialists to concentrate on handling key issues all through the nation; energize ground-breaking and capable national ventures to do applicable research activities, and give comparing arrangement and monetary help; state-claimed undertakings and budgetary speculation tasks should offer need to autonomous innovative work in China. Significant products delivered freely ought to be developed for modern advancement.