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Do not ever say there is not highlight of your product

Do not ever say there is not highlight of your product

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Do not ever say there is not highlight of your product



As an operational director in Tungsten Carbide E-commerce trading company, I have been studying the technique of highlights in-depth excavation of our products like Tungsten Carbide Cold Rolls, Tungsten Carbide Gripper Die, Tungsten Carbide Rods and Plates during this period, and have given several methods to some of my colleagues who really can not find highlights.


So how to start the work of foreign trade under the circumstances which there are no highlights and no competitive prices?


Then this article will try to make you understand how to find highlights from your products!

Must we find the bright spot of a product due to its specialty?


Not necessarily, the reason why a commodity becomes a commodity is that it has some available values. Under certain price conditions, who has the highest value then who can have an advantage in competition.


For example, if any tool for assisting human work plays a stronger, more labor-saving and more durable role in a given price, it will be able to occupy a vanguard position in the industry.


However this is not necessarily the case in the actual market. Because the way of information transmission matters!


In nowadays rapid network, you can easily introduce your products to the customers conveniently. However it brings an unavoidable problem of bad experience of customers.



The difference of language and expression ability will make a difference in product marketing. Different sales effects appeal when different sales man promote the same product . Some people will only talk in a general way, only say that their products are good, product quality is good. Please notice that there are no specific data or cases to support their theory! So I advocate to make the advantages of your product digital & visualized, and directly related to the interests of your customers!


But many say that my product has no bright spot, no advantage, just ordinary goods, as long as you can meet the conditions of use!




How to be outstanding in this competitive trading war?

Firstly, Product Digitalization and Visualization.

Try to relate your figures of products to customers’ interests! Make your customers grasp your products deeper and eliminate a huge portion of other salesman that only say they have good quality.


Secondly, enhance customer experience!

As we said above, customer experience of nowadays networking is very poor. They can only see it but not touch or feel it. Then how to enhance your customers’ experience?

Providing free samples is absolutely a good method. However the unit price of each product of many companies is quite high. Both customers and the suppliers are unwilling to pay for the samples.


Then I'll show you either live or video to make the experience of the customers better!



There is a buddy selling a cleaner on Twitter by drinking it as he said that his products are pure natural content without chemicals and so on.


In conclusion, as long as the product achieves the effect you claim and show the customers intuitively, then we could see its highlight. It may not necessarily have some unique characteristics from the peers.


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